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Vinothini can reach her full potential

Thank you for supporting Vinothini’s education through Isha Vidhya!

Vinothini is in 5th grade at a school run by Isha Vidhya in Tamil Nadu, India. Her father left the family and thus she is being brought up by her mother alone. Her mother works in a hospital and is not able to earn enough to cover her family’s daily needs. Without a scholarship, Vinothini would not have been able to attend school.

Due to the valuable contributions from donors like you, Vinothini is receiving full educational support, including tuition, school supplies, and transportation to facilities. Vinothini also received two sets of school uniforms so she can easily fit in with the other children in her class.

Vinothini also receives a sumptuous school lunch, consisting of rice and greens vegetables. This ensures that Vinothini comes to school regularly. Her mother would never dream of preventing her daughter from going to school as it is the only place she can receive a full meal during the day.

Vinothini is a well-disciplined and bright student. She is very passionate about learning new things and she’s very good at singing and dancing. She will definitely shine in her future.

Thank you for setting a new future for Vinothini and her family.

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