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Mukesh wants to get more fluent in English

Dear P, Madhara, Ric, Suzan, Sachin, Howard, James and Julie, Dennis, Adam, Anil, Jerame, Param Singh, Balasubramaniam, and Thomas Bobby,

Mukesh, studies in grade two in a school run by Isha Vidhya in Tamil Nadu. His father manages a small hotel and his mother is a housewife. He has a younger sister who is currently in pre-primary school. His father earns approximately $ 65 per month which is barely sufficient to meet the needs of the family. Everytime a person falls ill, the entire savings of the family get depleted and the family ends up going without food for several days.

Mukesh, consequently, is highly anemic, and because of his hunger, he is unable to concentrate on his work. Your donations, Sachin, Howard and James and Julie (x2), will enable Isha Vidhya to provide a healthy and nutritious lunch to Mukesh every day. On a full stomach, Mukesh will fall ill less often, and be able to concentrate better on his studies.

Mukesh’s parents are not always able to bring him to school, because the public transportation between their home and the school is very erratic. Your donations, Dennis, Adam, Anil and Jerame, will enable Isha Vidhya to provide transportation to bring Mukesh to school and drop him back.

Your donation, Suzan, will enable Isha Vidhya to provide a set of two school uniforms to Mukesh.

Thank you, PV< Madhara, Thomas, Ric, Param and Balasubramaniam, for coming together to provide an entire year of tuition and study materials to Mukesh.

Mukesh speaks very good English for a child of his background, and he is also interested in drama. Thank you all for coming together to enable him to stay in school and get a good education.


Thank you for your generosity.

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